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Please excuse our appearance our site is currently under construction.

To contact us, please email info@bostonoperahouse.com

For information about the upcoming Boston Ballet season, please click here.

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We host the region’s most active program of top touring Broadway shows, Boston Ballet performances and other high-quality cultural presentations and concerts in New England’s most magnificent theater.

We strongly advise our customers to avoid purchasing tickets from third-party brokers and scalpers.  Many disreputable brokers and scalpers go to great lengths to deceive theater-goers into thinking they are purchasing tickets from an authorized source when they are actually paying multiples of face value.  If you’ve purchased a ticket from a third-party broker or scalper, our ability to resolve the problems that often arise when you arrive at the theater are extremely limited.  DON’T BE FOOLED BY SCALPERS.

When the Citizens Bank Opera House first opened its doors 84 years ago as the B. F. Keith Memorial, it was reported to be “so magnificent that it kind of takes your breath away for awhile” (Boston Globe, October 30, 1928). Since the $54 million restoration was completed in 2004, hundreds of thousands of theater-lovers from throughout New England have come to agree.

Join us at the Citizens Bank Opera House soon. We welcome you.

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